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Personal Training

Over the years I have worked with many people that lead busy lives and studied how to best help them, considering their anatomy and physiology in particularly women and athletes. I understand that training should not entail a one size fits all approach and that each person will need to be trained differently.

Not everyone can or wants to do CrossFit…
A Rugby player shouldn’t train like a bodybuilder…
A beginner shouldn’t do heavy and intense training straight away…
Someone who sits down all day, shouldn’t go straight into heavy weights…

I believe in adapting training to the individual. Therefore, I will create a program and training techniques that suit you.

What to expect

Together we will adjust a training programme that fits best for you. Once we start training, we will go through the following:

Meet & Greet

Let’s meet and talk about what your motivation is and why you want me to be your coach. It will also allow us get to know each other to see whether we can work together.

Consultation session

This will be a session where I’ll assess your body for cardiovascular fitness, mobility, flexibility and strength and we will also take body fat and weight measurements.

Short & Long Term Goals

You and I will set realistic short-term and long-term goals and discuss how you’ll achieve them. I will make sure to keep you accountable along the way.

Designing the Program

I will design a suitable program for you with my assessment from the consultation session, this program will help you to achieve your goals and also challenge you.

Nutritional Advice

I will help you understand the benefits of a good diet and the nutritional aspects of food. I don’t believe in strict diets but I do believe in eating lean food and being consistent with calorie intake and output.

Time Slots

We will decide on a regular time slot for you to have your sessions, this will help you build a consistent routine.